Closet Organizational Tips

Let me guess. Your New Years resolution was to eat healthier, be more active, or get organized. 

Well, I can't help you with the first two, but my real life friend Maddie can certainly help you with the last one!

As you know, we had our Master Closet installed a few weeks ago and I asked Maddie to come on over to help me get it all set up. Obviously, accessibility was our #1 priority but organization was very close behind.

She is LITERALLY a professional organizer, so she has put together 5 tips for our friends on how she creates a well put together closet:  


Categories & Clusters

My favorite way to organize a closet is to group items into categories, such as pants, shirts, sweaters, blouses, etc. Once all items in the closet are organized into categories, I like to step back and start pairing categories together to form clusters. Clusters are a way to systematically place categories of clothing together to make planning outfits a breeze. 

Clusters can apply to drawers, too. There is no reason to keep your sweatpants and t-shirts at opposite ends of the closet if you tend to wear them together. Consider giving them the same drawer in your dresser by clustering them together.

Roll it on up! 

Lavender's Closet-2.jpg

I’ve never been one to follow the rules, so it’s no surprise that more times than not I prefer to roll articles of clothing verses fold them. Lining up rolled jeans or sweats on open shelving is a sure way to find exactly what you are looking for without having to dig through folded stacks of clothing. I have found that neat rolling saves space and helps to prevent wrinkles and creases in clothing. Displaying your rolled jeans also adds a fun, aesthetically pleasing design element to your closet, all while maintaining functionality.

Definitely a win-win situation, right?

You can roll other items like scarves, t-shirts, underwear, shorts, ect., as well.

Simplified Storage Solutions

Lavender's Closet-11.jpg

Drawers can sometimes be the landing place for items that just don’t seem to belong anywhere else in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Seems like a decent solution until you open up your dresser drawer in the morning while you are rushing around getting ready and you can’t seem to find a matching pair of socks amongst all of the clutter. 

Solution?  Drawer dividers.

Lavender's Closet-4.jpg
Lavender's Closet-5.jpg

When items have a proper place to live in your dresser drawers, it becomes easier to keep categories of clothing organized. Shallow baskets or containers are a great way to separate socks, bras, belts, ect. in your dresser drawers. Commercial drawer organizers are also a great way to tackle the clutter.


Display Your Favorites

Lavender's Closet-13.jpg

Hand bags, statement jewelry, books, artwork, whatever it may be- make room to display it in your closet. There is no reason why design and style has to be excluded from the one area you go in everyday.

Find some cute little knobs or hooks and fill up that blank wall by hanging all of your pretty necklaces. It’s a great, inexpensive way to add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your closet, while keeping your necklaces from getting all tangled and unorganized.

Purge Seasonally

Lavender's Closet-1.jpg

Overstuffed racks and drawers of clothing are a sure way to put your closet organization on stand still. Decluttering regularly can help to keep your closet clean and tidy. If items have stains, are missing a mate (you know, those singleton socks!), no longer fit, or just aren’t your style anymore, don’t be afraid to part ways. Donating or selling old clothing that is still in good shape is a great way to give pieces new life, while creating a bit of breathing room in your closet.

Any specific organization questions?

Feel free to comment below or send Maddie an email for a consultation. She's great. Promise promise.

With Love,

The Lavenders

The Quarry

As many of you know, our journey to find a home started back in July. Even as Derek was still in the ICU, I was running around touring homes and hoping to find a great accessible place for us. Looking back, I am pretty sure that was some type of coping mechanism. I wanted to feel some sense of control, so finding our next home seemed like a great way to get our lives to stop spinning. Plus, who doesn't like dragging their friends around to showings, have that friend use their Go Pro, and then ask the friend to download the video onto a flash drive so a very sick Derek can still feel like he is part of the house hunt. Big shout out to Ben Summers for being that friend. 

Well, fast forward 8 months and we found it! Honestly, I remember the moment I saw this house. For months, Derek and I's texting thread was nothing more than links to homes we found intriguing. When he sent me this house, he said, "Too bad it is only 2 bedrooms and not in the area we were hoping." We both loved the layout and the way to owner had kept so much of the original character all while making it his own. I looked at it, commented that it was a cool house, and then went back to my NE corner of the city hunt. 

Two days later, we were meeting with our realtor to tour another house and she asked us if there were any others we would want to see. Derek threw this one on the list and I literally rolled my eyes. In my opinion, not enough bedrooms and not in the location of where we wanted to be. After visiting some homes, we made this one our last stop. I am pretty sure I was sold by the time I walked through the front door. 

So friends, welcome to The Quarry. We have some renovations in mind and can't wait to get started. We are planning on staying in our apartment until The Quarry is ready to rock and roll.

Renovation items:

  • Turning the current garage into an accessible master bedroom/ bathroom
  • Knocking down the wall between the family room and den
  • Opening up the wall between the dining room and kitchen
  • Tearing up carpet and adding some type of hard flooring 
  • Adding on an accessible garage
  • Enjoying having someone else do the work 

We are in the process of getting quotes for the work that needs to be done. Obviously, dream Lavenders and budget Lavenders may not see eye to eye on this. We are hoping we can complete our renovation while staying within budget and still getting the look we are going for. 

The Quarry

  • 2 bedroom
  • 2 bathroom
  • 2,100 square foot
  • Ranch
  • Limestone
  • 1 acre
  • Built- 1954
 Family Room

Family Room

 Kitchen- Original Cabinets

Kitchen- Original Cabinets

 Guest Bath- clearly original 

Guest Bath- clearly original 

 Current Master- will become main guest bedroom 

Current Master- will become main guest bedroom 

 Our beautiful backyard

Our beautiful backyard

Of course, a photo of the outside is coming. I was just really hoping to get one of those cliche' WE BOUGHT A HOUSE photos. So, hang tight. I have to talk Derek into it first. 

With Love,

The Lavenders