Week 11 Update


Final Stretch, Folks!

I get my own yard in 11 days
— Barkus Adroolius

We are literally coming down to the last couple weeks of projects but we've bumped our moving date to the 22nd.  This week, we are going to give you a run down of the products we chose and why. I know, thrilling. 

Just a heads up, I did figure out how to link our chosen products in the blog. If you are interested in anything we purchased, the item I discuss should be bolded. Just click on the bold word for the link. 

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Week Eleven Checklist-

  • Finished exterior/ interior paint
  • Finished tile in bathroom
  • Placed the master vanity/ linen closet
  • Trim installed and stained to match original 
  • Purchased curtains and other accessories for the home
  • LeAnne cried when she saw the vanity was installed


With the new garage, they took the limestone from the back of the old garage and used it to help blend in the addition.

Our synthetic wood garage doors are similar to these from Home Depot. We chose a Dark Walnut color. The paint color for the back of the garage is Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams. 


Go bold or go home, right?! 

My goal with our paint colors was create a BHAM effect when you walked into Quarry. The dark walls are Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams and the white walls are Marshmallow White.

Another thought behind the dark wall is to help disguise the TV a bit. As you may remember, our goal for the Whiskey Room is to create a snuggly atmosphere without feeling like you are just staring at a television as soon as you walk through our door.  


The Master Bathroom has a lot of accessibility reasons behind the design.

With the vanity, we wanted the area below the sinks to be completely open for Derek's chair. This allows him to get close to the sink and not feel like he is spilling water everywhere.

We chose these sinks because we felt they had the perfect blend of style and funiontality. We really wanted a vessel sink but those just sit too high and could potentially be frustrating for Derek. Our Kohler sinks sit up off the counter just a tad but aren't overwhelming high.

Some thought went into our mirrors as well! Even though I love the circle mirror design, they aren't practical for Derek. Sitting lower means we needed mirrors that could be mounted low and still look like they belonged there. We chose these from Lamps Plus and couldn't be happier. We are excited to see them installed this week! 


The are installing our hardwood floors today!

As you may remember, there originally was carpet everywhere. And although Derek can maneuver short carpet fairly easily, it isn't ideal. We chose an engineered hardwood Acacia. We love the contrast of lights and darks. Not only will it help hide Barkus hair, it should cover up those wheelchair tracks pretty well! 


Well. That's all we've got for you!

 Now, who has their Christmas shopping done?!


With Love,

The Lavenders