Week 9 & 10


Chapter Four: The Final Stretch

We set a moving date 

That's right! December 19th, watch out because you are about to be the best day of 2017. We're moving, grooving, and checking things off the renovation list. 

Week Eight & Nine Checklist-

  • Finished drywall
  • Started on the master bathroom tile
  • Painted the new garage addition
  • Took advantage of Black Friday deals for Quarry
  • Trim was delivered
  • Preparing floors for hardwood
  • Teamed up with our buddies at BeLove for 20% off their adorable shop (LONGSHOT20)
  • Barkus graduated from Good Manners 1 class


I'm sure you already started scrolling to the pictures, but if not, way to show self-control! Below, you will see the garage was painted this week. We love how the color really compliments the limestone but gives it a modern twist. We chose Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams. 


We were also very excited to see that they started on the bathroom tile. We chose a dark slate colored tile for the floor and the tile will also run up the back of the shower. 

Our wood vanity and linen closets will also  be installed this weekend. Derek's cousin is a woodworker in Ohio and agreed to help us design and create exactly what we needed for the space. We are so excited to have his incredible work in our home! 


Look closely at the picture below and you will see they have started adding the subfloor! We were pretty disappointed to discover that we did not have hardwoods under all the carpet but happily picked out some very durable (and good looking) Acacia wood floors. They will be installed in 2 weeks and we can't wait to show you!


As I mentioned above, we've teamed up with our favorite gift shop, BeLove (who just launched an online shop). When I say favorite, I mean it. In fact, BeLove is the sister company of MudLOVE (who LeAnne works for).

They have great, handcrafted products for basically every stocking you would want to stuff. Hop online HERE and use the code LONGSHOT20 for 20% off until Friday night. For the record, the candles are awesome and you can reuse the container!


Any good Thanksgiving stories? We ate 20lbs of turkey and discussed how there are two types of people in this world- those who keep their socks organized and those who pay others to match all the strays. Me? Bags of unmatched socks and I bribe Derek with 10 cents a pair. You? Tell us and make me feel better.

With Love,

The Lavenders