Week 5 & 6


Chapter 2: A Garage We Aren't Living In

Happy Monday fellow earthlings! 

These past couple weeks have been slow and steady over at Quarry. The biggest change has been the addition of our garage. As most of you may recall, before the accident we lived in a one car garage (Bunker) for 2 years. With our previous intimate relationship with garages, it is a lot of fun to see this baby come together. And yes, the old garage is now our bedroom...we can't seem to get away from sleeping in garages. 

Week Five & Six Checklist-

  • Finish the framing in the house
  • Electrical work (adding the canned lights, updating electric, adding outlets)
  • Garage ALMOST done (roofing this week and finishing the siding)
  • Picked exterior paint color
  • Garage doors installed
  • Barkus getting his first batch of flees



The back and side portion of the new garage will be siding. We will be painting it Sherwin Williams "Urbane Bronze". The front portion (around the garage doors) and the old garage (our new bedroom) will actually be limestone which they took off the back of the house when they added the garage.  Our hope is from the front, you will not be able to tell the garage was an addition.


We worked with Garage Doors of Indianapolis to pick out these Dark Oak doors. Don't be fooled, these are synthetic wood. After asking around, the steel door option is just better for maintenance, upkeep, and at a more reasonable cost point than real wood. We originally picked out a Dark Walnut stain but a woman actually backed out of her Dark Oak doors.  After comparing the two, I really couldn't tell much of a difference, so we snagged the Dark Oak at a discount! 


Random side note:

  • A few weeks ago, I came up with an idea for Quarry's curtains. Between JoAnn Fabric and Ikea, I am hoping to channel my inner Martha Stewart for a home project. Details (and results) will follow in a few weeks.
  • Barkus went to his first costume party on Friday. We dressed him as Marcus Aurelius and of course I thought he was a "medium" in dog costumes...well it wouldn't even buckle around his waist. So that's that. 

Have a great week friends. We are looking forward to updating you on Week 7 & 8 because there may be some drywall!

With Love,

The Lavenders