Week 7 & 8


Chapter Three: The Beginning of the End

Happy 9th week of renovation fine friends!

We've got an end in sight and things are really speeding up at Quarry. They finished hanging the drywall last week and started the mudding process on Friday. Anyone else feel like a space actually looks larger once drywall goes up? 

Week Seven & Eight Checklist-

  • Drywalling underway
  • Electrical work finished (adding the canned lights, updating electric, adding outlets)
  • Picked out more details (ceiling fans, barn doors, paint colors)
  • Inspections passed
  • Bought the first of Quarry's Christmas decor
  • Barkus ate three socks

We know these renovations take awhile and it can be easy to forget what Quarry looked like before we started! So, this week we are putting up the "Before" photo above the transformation pictures. 


The Family Room/ Den

The Whiskey Room looking into the Family Room

The Whiskey Room looking into the Family Room


Dining Room

Dining Room

The Whiskey Room

The Whiskey Room



Starting to catch the vision a bit? Our current move in date is the week of Christmas. We have all our fingers and toes crossed that everything continues to stay on track because we have to be out of our apartment December 28th (talk about cutting it close!). 

Since all the fun stuff is about to happen, I'll be blogging at least once a week to keep you guys up to date! 

Merry Christmas! 

O ya. That's right. We're totally cheating and listening to Christmas music already.

With Love,

The Lavenders

Ps. Any tips on how to get dogs to stop eating socks?