The Paint Colors of Quarry


Behind every painted wall is a planning, plotting, and scheming home owner. And even though repainting a wall isn't the end of the world, there is nothing worse than finishing a room and cringing at the color.

Thankfully, this did not happened to us! We teamed up with the amazing folks at Sherwin Williams (that's right, they SPONSORED QUARRY!) to bring you a few colors that are a perfect addition to any room.

Here is what we picked:

Iron Ore (SW 7069):
Main Living Space. Guest Bathroom. 

If you look closely, you will actually see our television on the back wall. By painting a few of your walls dark, it creates a lot of contrast which adds depth to your room. Take note on how our artwork pops and our television is camouflaged. 

Mashmallow White (SW 7069):
All the White Everywhere.  

We know whites can be tricky, so we are excited we stumbled upon this color. It is the perfect combination of soft (like a marshmellow) but still bright. If it isn't a colored wall, it is Marshmallow White! 

White Mint (SW 6441):
Entryway. Kitchen bulkhead. 

Keeping with the style of Quarry, we really wanted a color which would bring out the midcentury charm. White Mint brings a soft pop of fun to a wall without being too flashy. In fact, some people do a double take when they realize it is mint.

Tangerine (SW 6640):
Laundry Room. 

You will notice there aren't any pictures of this color YET but stay tuned for my weekend project. For the laundry room, I really wanted a color that was fun and cheery. Derek's response? "Pick whatever you want since you do all the laundry!" Smart man. After researching retro rooms, I settled on a tangerine color which is actually named Tangerine.  Funky laundry room, here we come! 


A huge shout out to Sherwin Williams being willing to work with us on Quarry. We did receive our paint as compensation for this post, but obviously all thoughts and opinions are ours. 

What is your favorite Sherwin Williams paint color?

With Love,

The Lavenders