Quarry's Monday Mood Board

Hello friends! 

We have a little announcement:

Every Monday (until we run out of rooms to show you), we will be showcasing a room in the Quarry and give you our design ideas. Slowly but surely, this place is going to come to life with our plans and we want you to be right here for all the fun stuff.

The first room up to bat:

The Dining Room

As seen above, the previous owner used this room as his den. We have decided to open up the space and utilize the large (and character filled) room as our dining room. 

Here is the picture.

We will be knocking down the wall between then kitchen and also the long wall separate this room from the family room.

On the other side of the wall is the current fireplace. We will be exposing that fireplace so the backside will be in the dining room. 

See the painting? Imagine a long buffet table there connecting the dining room with the kitchen. 

Eventually, we plan on purchasing a large, wood dining room table to fill up the room. Running along the table will be dark chairs. Throw in a great light fixture and probably 17 house plants, you have a dining room fit for lots of dinner guests, emotional board games, and late night talks.  

For lighting, we will be moving a leftover light fixture from the home into the room. We will also have several canned lights throughout the house.

This paneling? We will be repurposing it for...(drum roll please)...THE FIREPLACE! I bet you are secretly cringing but we think it is going to look pretty great with the design we have in mind. 


And since you made it all the way to the end of the blog, you get in on a special little secret.

See that wood floor sample? That one closest to you on your right? No, not the one with the red sticker...the one with multiple wood colors...

That, my friend, is our future floor. 

We are about done with the design process, so I must ask, any must have's in your home that we should consider?

With Love,

The Lavenders