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See that garage? Soon it will contain our master bathroom! You ready for this?

The Master Bathroom


Having an accessible bathroom is one of the most important features of our home. It really is the only reason we haven't already moved it to Quarry. Derek uses a waterproof chair most commonly called a shower chair. He will transfer onto it each morning to get ready for the day and then gets dressed on the bed.

The layout of our bathroom was designed with this in mind. The shower will not have any glass doors or even a curtain. It will be deep enough for Derek to easily pull forward, shower, and then back out. There is a linear drain at the front that will catch most *fingers crossed* of the water. 

Our goal is to keep chair transfers to a minimum because transferring back and forth from one location to another can cause skin breakdown, shoulder wear, and honestly is just a little scary. Would you want to move your body from one rolling chair to another with only the use of your arms?! With a shower chair, he only has to transfer himself 3 times each morning.


Below you will see a sample of the pieces we have chosen for the bathroom. I will not point fingers at who does not care for one of these items and has sent the other person on a wild goose chase to appease the others picky self....but besides one item, the others will be showing up in the bathroom. 


When picking the pieces, we were wanting to stay with the mid century vibe of the house but also bring in a touch of modern. O you know. The midcentury modern vibe. 

We are very excited for this space. Derek reminded me that Bunker was actually a 1 car garage and we lived in it for two years. This is a two car garage just dedicated to our master suite! 

What is your favorite feature in your master bathroom? 

With Love,

The Lavenders