The Quarry Layout


The Quarry is about to get a facelift.

We have been working along side our contractors for a few weeks and are happy to report our plans are really coming together. We wanted to share with you the layout of the home and our ideas. 

Quick refresher. The Quarry is a single story, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home. We are opening up the living spaces, exposing the current fireplace, adding on an accessible master bedroom/bathroom, and then adding a 2 car garage.

The finished layout: 




Our overall goal is to really open up those living spaces (knocking out 4 current walls), add a key feature (the fireplace), and create a very usable home where Derek has complete access (taking out all the carpet and creating a small ramp). 

The current garage will be turned into our master bedroom, so we will be adding on an accessible 2 car garage. Below are the plans for the garage addition, as well as how it will look from the outside: 

The final portion of the home is the addition of the master bedroom/bathroom. We are really looking forward to designing this space not only for accessibility reasons, but because it is going to be a blast to pick out all the details! 

Our next big meeting will include choosing a lot of our final features (tile, floors, paint colors, etc.). Once those are chosen, our contractors will be ready to get started! They are hoping to break ground and demo the middle of August.

Due to the new puppy and all the demo work, Derek and I have decided to stay at our apartment and go month to month. The team hopes to have us in by Christmas! 

Thanks for being excited for us!

With Love,

The Lavenders