5 weeks left

As we chat with people about the renovations, we have been excited but a little hesitant because the plumbers haven't started yet. AND I will not live somewhere without plumbing or water. I know. Im high maintenance. Well in the words of my sister- in-law "We have a place to live!" because  WE GOT OUR PERMITS FOR THE WATER/ PLUMBING! They should finish installing it all by the end of next week. Now, moving in a few weeks is much more realistic. Sure, we may have to sleep on the floor and cook from a fire pit...but whatever! It has indoor plumbing! 

Take a look at what we've been up too this past week!

  • Materials! Our materials were delivered...even though they showed up 6 hrs late. I was at a work function, so Derek had to drag all these material in by himself before leaving for the night. YUCK.
  • IMAG0192 IMAG0194

  • We have a loft! There were several steps to making the loft. The first was tearing down the existing loft. The 2x6 beams that were holding up the original loft were not strong enough. Derek added I Joists every 12 inches. This makes our new loft quite sturdy! We then added the wood back on top and secured everything.

Here you can see the I Joists. The new loft will go out to that middle beam. We will be putting 2 small triangle windows  up there as well

bunker 15

bunker 16

  • Cleaning While Derek was busy with the manual labor, I decided to clean out the fridge. This isnt just any "fridge". This is a refrigerator that was left in this foreclosed home for 9 months. We believe it still runs and it is a Kitchen Aid, so we are keeping it. But my word. It smelled. Terrible.

The headband wrapped around by face was necessary

  • Electric Outlets Wanna come and charge your phone at the Bunker? Feel free!! Derek has been adding outlets. At first, I was a little nervous about the bar running across to connect the outlets, but it actually looks really neat. Adds to the "Industrial Look" we are going for.


  • Our shower!! Last but not least...the bathroom! The shower came in this week. Derek got it installed and the bathroom framed out. It is really starting to look like a little home!


bunker 17

bunker 19



Sneak Peak:


I love seeing this little space take shape. We ordered the siding this week. Not only is the inside getting a makeover, but so is the outside!

Any suggestions??