Pea Gravel, Windows, and Weeds!

Years ago, my mom was in need of a new car. She shopped for literally a year. One day, my dad got tired of waiting for her to decide so he took matters into his own hands.  He just went out and bought her a car. He then drove it home from the car dealer and gave it to her. I still remember her response, "This car has flimsy doors!!"After this event, I decided in my head I would never take so long to make a decision, otherwise it just might get made for me! This whole renovation thing has put my decision making abilities to the test, especially this week.

1. Last week, we had a conversation over dinner. Derek said he had an idea of putting windows at the front of Bunker. Not only would it look cool but it would add much needed light into our little home. As always, I can never quite picture what he has in mind. Once he drew me up a sketch, I really liked the idea. I gave him the verbal "Ya good idea!" Never did I expect to receive a picture the next day that showed him tearing out the exterior wall. He then continued to frame in the windows by the time I got off of work. I must admit. I LOVE IT. And. Giving the verbal Yes to Derek is a serious thing. He gets things DONE.


bunker 27

bunker 26

bunker 25

bunker 24


As you can see, we needed to bring this top portion out to make it flesh again the rest of the building for insulation and siding

Here is a picture of the completed framing for the windows as well as the new front door. We will be adding a double door, instead of just the single white one you see. The double door is so we can use this space as a garage or better storage if necessary. We just ordered our door through Lowes!

2. Not quite as crazy as point #1, but we did pick out our windows a few weeks ago and they were delivered this week. We decided to go with black awning style windows. The Bunker has 4 small windows, 2 on each side. The new windows will fit perfectly in the current spots.

The picture is a little blurry but here they are! If you look behind my shoulder, you can see what the current windows look like. The have green paint splotches, rust, and spider guts all over them. Needless to say, I am PUMPED about the new Anderson windows

3. Along with the "decision making" theme for this blog, we came across a small predicament this weekend. We discovered there is a high chance the plumbers will be running our water line straight through my garden plot.

This was one of those moments where I just needed to make a decision. My parents were in town to help us and I hated for the afternoon to be wasted on my little garden. Derek has been telling me all spring he could build me a garden built up on a table. For the life of me, I just couldn't picture myself tending to my table garden. I already was mentally set on my little plot of land that already had a fence around it (to keep out that 3 legged neighborhood deer). Finally, I realized Derek has NEVER disappointed me with an idea, so I told him to go for it. The 2 men (Dad & Derek) jumped straight to work. With leftover supplies from Bunker, an hr of manual labor, and a trip to Lowes, they had me a garden within no time! And truthfully? I am obsessed. Wanna build yourself one? Derek's table garden skills are for sale.

1. They measured out the garden size (4x4) and used the leftover plywood for the bottom. Once the legs were built, they drilled holes into the plywood to allow the water to escape. The edges are cedar boards which were salvaged from one of Longshots closets. 2. We filled to bottom with pea gravel to keep the dirt from getting too hard. 3. We mixed a compost and garden soil together. 8 cubic feet of soil. 4. Added chicken wire on the back to allow my peas to grow. 5. We will have lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, peas, peppers, and onions.

bunker 22

bunker 20



bunker 21

For all of you out there who may be admiring how handy you think I am, think again. I needed to drill some screws in the garden to secure the chicken wire. With mom holding the wire, I used Dereks drill. After pushing all my weight into the drill and the screw SLOWLY going in, I found a new respect for me. After 5 screws, my arms hurt! When dad came over to visit, I asked him if the screws were suppose to be smoking....Well. After both boys getting a good laugh, they explained I actually had to drill in reverse. So yes, I am not handy. But I try. I try.


4. I weeded around this tree. And it produced 2 industrial trash bags full of weeds. Anyone want to come help me weed!? But as a warning, I just discovered we have poison ivy growing through our yard/ grass. Any hints of killing that and not our yard?!

Derek laughed at me when I took a picture. I told him I had to blog about SOMETHING I did, even if it was spending hours weeding around a tree.

bunker 23



Last but not least, our roof came in! We decided to go with a black, steel roof.


Not sure what is on the checklist for this week but we will keep you updated!