Painting Project

When I was little and home schooled, Landon and I would go into my parents garage and play house. We would designate certain areas of the garage as our home. I specifically remember making Landon sweep the floors all the keep my home clean! And of course, when our cat had kittens in my "kitchen", I slightly freaked out! Over the past 2 weeks, I have been working on getting Bunker ready to paint. As I swept, scrubbed, and painted, these childhood memories came flooding back. And I realized something. My childhood dream of living in a garage is literally coming true. O BOY. 6 weeks folks. 

This past weekend Derek headed off to the East Coast for a long weekend with some buddies. So, I called up my mother. In my sweetest voice, I asked if she wanted to come hang in Indy for the weekend. GIRL TIME. And then quietly mentioned that the weekend event would be painting the interior of the Bunker. My mom is awesome and readily agreed. paitning 2

This paint project was a little unique since the whole structure is cinder blocks! Here are the fascinating steps we took....

1 Step: Wipe down the walls. Thankfully, we own a shop vac which did some awesome cleaning damage fairly quickly. We read several places that encouraged us not to spray down the walls since the blocks soak up water very easily. This worked well for us since we dont have access to any water quite yet!

Also. We have an infestation of those nasty Lady Bugs that arent Lady Bugs. You know..the ones that bite and smell terrible?? Well. I spent lots of enjoyable minutes just sucking them up with the vacuum. And then standing by and waiting for them to come out of their little holes...and then sucking more of them up!

2 Step: Caulk any holes. And if there are spiders crawling inside the hole, caulk it as fast as possible so they get stuck in there!

3 Step: Apply the first coat of paint. We chose a paint which would keep moisture out. To get the best results, we were told to use a paint brush for the first coat. This took us 6 hrs. The second coat we were able to use a roller on. This literally took 1.5 hrs. I decided to go with white! This really does make the room feel much larger.

painting 10


 4 Step: Keep painting!

painting 1

painting 4

painting 5

painting 7

painting 8

painting 9

Pictures do not do it justice. The paint really makes it feel so much larger...and slightly like a Sunday School classroom.

Next up? PLUMBING! and Derek will be installing our light switches and outlets.

So enthralled by our painting that you want more?? Well don't worry. I will be painting the floors as soon as the heavy construction is done. Get ready.