Bunker Updates

We were joking earlier that the next time we update the blog, the Bunker will be done. Well it isn't done but we have made some major progress/ pricey commitments in the past week. I will catch you up to speed, but that doesn't mean you won't feel like I am all over the place in this blog post. And I know it is a bit lengthy but try to keep up!

bunker 1

Read these bullet points:

    •  We made the bunker OFFICIAL OFFICIAL by giving the A-OK to the plumber. We are switching Longshot to city water because according to one of our neighbors, "the well water makes all the kids in the neighborhood ugly"...but that is a different story. Since we need plumbing and water for the Bunker, we might as well switch the Longshot over as well. They have started working on this (getting permits). Hopefully the Bunker will be all ready for a bathroom installment soon! PS. The water main is currently under the middle of our neighborhood road, so they have to dig into it. O boy. Our neighbors are gonna love us.
  • The raw materials have been ordered from Menards...And they will be delivering it to the house. On a huge truck bed. When the employee looked up where we lived, he said "dont worry, the guy is a pro at maneuvering the truck, hopefully we can get it out of your neighborhood" ...Once again. Our neighbors will love us.  "Raw Materials" include the roof, insulation, beams, do dads, and all sorts of fancy lingo things only Derek can say. O yes. And we also ordered Bunker's new windows today! Black. Awning. Colonial. wahoo!


bunker 6


  • We bought a mower. And it is self-propelled. At first when Derek mentioned a front wheel drive mower, I thought "No way! Im not gonna be a wimp. I can mow that yard without the mowers help!" O my word. I am a wimp. I admit it. I now know why most people hate mowing the yard. As a kid I thought mowing the lawn was the best! Who doesnt want to ride around on a cushion, escaping pesky Landon, listening to tunes on my CD player, and drinking lemonade out of the cup holder? Ya, well now I know. Now I know.
  • Story time.  We met some of our neighbors this weekend. Nice folks. They stopped by to introduce themselves while we were working. We sat and talked for about 45. Near the end of the conversation, our neighbor was telling us the terrible issue they are having with raccoon infestation. They said they have caught and released 16 raccoon's in 2 weeks. As we were discussing it, the other neighbor yells out "The raccoon!!!"... Well apparently, they were on their way to get rid of one of the critters when they stopped to talk to us. He opened his car and there was a raccoon just chilling in a cage! Random. I know. I dont think I have laughed so hard in a long time.
  • Picture time: Here are a few pictures of the inside of bunker.

bunker 2

bunker 3

bunker 4

  • And finally, a few pictures of the property. I realized last week that we have posted mainly about the house, but didnt show much of the land. We do sit on an acre, which is great! We have lots of plans in the future to make this a fun little stomping ground. Hints? Boxes for our owls to live in, a pier for Kayaks, a hot tub half way to the creek (in our dreams), and a great grilling area.

bunker 8 bunker 9 bunker 10 bunker 11

Mom is coming into Indy this weekend to help me paint the Bunker's interior!!! Should be done by Saturday night so I will keep you tuned!