Longshot Lavender= tomorrow

*Tomorrow the little home we have been pursuing for MONTHS will finally be ours*January 21, 2014

We found Longshot on a foreclosed home website back in September. At first, Derek mainly fell in love with the property. He sent me the address and I headed there on my lunch break. I texted him,"I think this place is a shack."...His response? "Sounds about right."

Longshot was thought to be inhabited. Because of this, we were not suppose to go look around or bother the tenant who was being evicted. Tired of doing drive byes, we got gutsy and went to talk to the neighbors. We learned the house was no longer inhabited and our new neighbors were great!  We explored the house (just peeking in windows) and found it in worse condition that we had hoped. But none the less, we went home and placed a bid online. We officially won the bid about a month later and are finally closing on the home tomorrow.

To celebrate the closing, we headed out to Reeve's Wholesale to hunt down some siding ideas. At this point, we are sold on a cedar appearance but using a synthetic cedar shake.

photo (50)

Our goal is to make the Longshot a cozy but modern cabin.

This is an example of what we are going for. of course, Longshot is on a much smaller scale.

What do you think? Ideas, thoughts, or suggestions??