the longshot

Under the husband's suggestion, the lavenders have decided to start a blog. As a reader of this blog, you will be following the hopeful transformation their new home they affectionately call, "the longshot".  They are certain there will be a lot of blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears...but are excited to get this massive project underway.  Stay tuned for updates such as: the sweet roof they will install. the wife learning how to put on siding. ridding a home of black mold. creating cement counter tops. turning a 400 square foot garage into a makeshift studio apartment. creating a retaining wall. the husband buying a billy goat. kayaking from longshot to downtown to grab a burger...and so much more fun!

Did you just mutter crazy under your breath??


A few fun facts about longshot:

located about 25 minutes from downtown Indianapolis built in the 1940's sits on an acre will be* 3 bedroom 2 bath 1,150 square foot foreclosed

lavenders dream home + or - a few repairs

Theme? Cabin in the City!

See. You love longshot already.

- any suggestions, advice, or ideas are VERY welcomed.