The weekend of firsts

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This weekend was a busy one. Our first time being able to actually do a little a little necessary damage to the house, and it was awesome! First on the list was to have the foundation inspected...CHECK. And yes. I know you usually get that looked at BEFORE buying the home...but we felt like living on the dangerous side. Next up was the fireplace. We are getting ready to have someone come inspect the roof/ceiling and see what it is going to take to vault all the ceilings in the house. The fireplace seems to be decent and we found the brick to be covered in plaster. I believe at this point we are leaning towards keeping the plaster up and just covering it with stone. Derek did some damage to the ceiling above the fireplace. We can now get an idea of what a vaulted ceiling will look like!

I also managed to lift a crow bar AND hammer above my head...while hammering...without dropping it on myself...Are you proud?

Story #1: After running to the house on Sunday before heading to church, we finally found our mailbox. Since we were in a hurry, I just grabbed the massive pile of mail and jumped back into the car. As I was digging for our electric bill, a little spider came crawling out...then ALL OF HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Yes. A little spider nest in the mail. I was squealing. Swatting. Derek was dying laughing. He pulled over so I could jump out of the car...and then jump up and down. YUCK. I swear I still feel baby spiders all over me.

Stay tuned for our layout idea....and hopefully no more spider stories.

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