10 Things You May Not Know About Bunker

  We are quickly coming up on our 1 year anniversary of moving into Bunker. Since anniversaries and top 10 lists are always great, I figured we would combine this into a blog. So. Here we go. Top 10 things you may not know or that you just forgot.

10. Bunker was actually a garage. Thankfully when we bought the property, the bank had already cleaned out the garage for us.


9. We have a slim fit washer and dryer which sits right next to our kitchen sink. When Derek made a quick trip to Lowes, he spotted this beauty and got the sales associate to knock off a few hundred dollars. What he didnt tell me until later was that the discount was given because there was blood on the side of the unit.

BUT I now understand. I caught my hand on the lid of the washer and now have a scar. A LAUNDRY scar. #realhousewives

9.Bunker move 2-13

8. A lot of people ask how we keep Bunker warm & cold. Solution? A hotel AC/ Heater unit!

Windows 6 Windows 8

7. Our neighbor won the Indiana Body Building Competition in the 70s. Shes hardcore. And her husband isn't too bad either.

Bunker Railing 15

6. We managed to fit our entire Ikea kitchen into our little hatchback IMG_5397

5. Bunker has had 3 couches in 1 year.

IMG_5908 IMG_7328 IMG_7270

4. This tiny little cabin is on the back of our property.  We think it will make a lovely mother-in-law suite. Our moms arent so sure.


3. Our mortgage is 83% less than what we were paying in rent.


2. We still haven't met our mailman but we did fix our mailbox


1. Surprise. There is no #1. There is always way too much pressure on the #1 on a top 10 list.