Blinded by the Light

Embarrassing story (besides the fact that I had to use auto correct to spell that word) I am 28 years old and just figured out how to upload my pictures from my IPhone onto my computer. I was complaining to my mother-in-law that our blogs take so long to write because I have to 1. Send the picture from my phone to my email. 2. Open the email. 3. Save the picture to my computer 4. Name it. 5.Transfer to a folder. 6. Upload that picture to the blog.  And then she said the magic sentence, "You know you can just plug your phone into your computer and download the pictures into a folder?" No Joy. I didn't know that. So here we are. Blogging made WAY easier. PS. This is Joy. Isn't she cute? She is FANTASTIC.

My mother-in-law was a huge help in the sealing process. We had to mix, pour, smooth, and examine all in very specific time frames. My cell phone is still recovering from my sticky fingers messing with the stop watch.

I was glancing through my newly downloaded picture folder, I discovered one simple thing I wanted to highlight. Our light fixture.


As you can imagine, lighting can be a bit of an issue in a Garage Home. We have 4 small windows that measure about forearm in height and a full arm in length (keep in mind I have freakishly long arms for a girl of my height).

We bought a ceiling fan from Lowes which we loved, but the light was very teeny tiny (see picture below). Honestly, you could barely tell the light was even on! After a whole winter of a wimpy ceiling light, Derek suggested we go on a light hunt. I assumed we would need to start from scratch and purchase a new EVERYTHING.

bunker 111

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Well. I am here to save you from a headache and complicated process. All you need to do is go buy a light fixture and ATTACH it to your fan! What you say?! That is a thing? YES! And it is the best thing Derek has ever thought of.

So. We went on a light fixture hunt. Our hunts usually take place on Sunday afternoon. We browse the local hardware stores. Not holding hands because we aren't allowed to hold hands if we are at hardware stores. 

As we drove around, we ended up back at Lowes. We found a light fixture that was quite funky and we both stared at it. We then thought it was perfect BUT I said, "Man. This would be way cooler if it had Thomas Edison bulbs in it...but to buy 14 bulbs for this light would cost at least $100."...And then what happens? We find the light fixture box. Pull it off the shelf. And it says, "Includes 14 Thomas Edison bulbs". FATE.

We grabbed the light and scampered home. Within an hour, Bunker was 100 times brighter and about 29 times cooler. All summer she has been representing a really unique light. And we love it.

"I like it. It is the perfect amount of confusing" - Derek Lavender

IMG_7611 12 27

Warning: Now that I have learned the new trick with pictures, my blogs will be much more frequent.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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