Doors, Handles, and Embarrassing Stories

Bunker move 3-2As most of you know, these past 6 months have been filled with construction project after construction project.  Although I have a very muscular build and am incredibly knowledgeable in all things construction, I found those projects to be just slightly over my head.  We are now to the point where I can be of a LITTLE more help and am excited to share what we have been up too:

Door handles! We got these bad boys from Ikea and I love them. No funny stories to go a long with the installation...except that D accidentally put the first one on too high. This meant that you couldn't open the the drawer without first opening the cabinet door. So, if you come visit and look very closely, you will notice one of our cabinet door handles has its top chopped off...and we like it that way...adds character.

Bunker move 3-2Bunker move 3-3

Closet Space! This area has been a work in progress. We had been looking for a dresser and I found this great piece at a church sale in Winona. I walked into the sale and BOOM. There is was. Don't you love those moments when something inside clicks and you think..."That is it! That's it!". I also had that moment with our new drinking glasses. Unfortunately, Derek did not have that moment. But we kept them anyways! So. Ombre' Dresser.

Bunker Move 3-1

Bathroom Door!  We ended up saving all the doors from Longshot and I love every one of them. We opted to paint this door white. Once we got it in Bunker, it had the distinct smell of cat urine. After a good scrubbing and clean down, I painted this sucker a lot. For the final touch, we installed the original door handle. And it doesn't smell like cat anymore.

Bunker move 3-6 Bunker move 3-5

Front Door! Again with the door theme. We got our front door painted. The inside is still a plain white but the outside is now black! I really like how it turned out....

Bunker move 3-4Bunker move 3-13

Bathroom Shelf! Remember that little space in the bathroom that we kept free for a shelf? Well Derek built us one! In 35 minutes. I then stained the shelf the same color as the kitchen counter tops. When Derek got home the next day, he seemed to like the color fine..and then I said, "Doesn't it look a bit 90's to you?" We both laughed and then agreed. We totally have a 90's shelf. I tried to then stain it black...and boy that didnt work. We now have a funky stained shelf. Once again, adds character.

Bunker move 3-10 Bunker move 3-9

Layout! My mom came by a few weekends ago and helped me with the layout. I was really struggling with how to set the space up. This is what we came up with. The back left wall (with the picture) will eventually be covered in something that goes floor to ceiling, mainly to cover up our little shoe shelf we've got going on. I THINK we have decided on what we will cover it with, but I will let that be a surprise.

Also, who loves my little Halloween candle holder thingy? My dad got that for me when I was 10. It is now a fall staple.

Bunker move 3-8


As a little treat for reading this entire blog, I have a story. A bit humiliating, but if I dont share it, Derek will. I want to be the one to make sure all the facts are out there. 

We bought a car last week. Since Billy (our pickup truck) isn't  dependable enough for the 30 min city commute, we opted to buy a used car. We love it. His name is Rupert and he is handsome..which makes this story hurt a bit more...

Derek and I had a working day on Sunday. He worked on installing our windows and I was in charge of filling up our rented dumpster with any type of junk I could get my hands on. As I was throwing 2x4's into the dumpster, I got a little carried away. I chucked the last piece and watched it bounce off the edge of the dumpster and slam into Rupert's hood.

For the record, I wasn't the one who parked him right behind the dumpster...

So yes. That happened. I literally gasped and then turned around to see if Derek saw/ heard (which he didn't). I ran to Rupert to see the damage. I was shocked to see the piece of wood had hit in the exact spot where there was already hood damage. SHEW! Crisis adverted. Almost.

5 minutes later, I grabbed the keys and climbed into the car to run to the paint store. As I backed out, I heard a nice screeching noise. I looked over my right shoulder to see Billy and Rupert hugging. My gut SANK. I put Ruper in Drive and pulled slowly forward. I once again noticed that Derek did not see or hear a single thing.During my time in the car, I was mentally preparing myself on how to tell him. Even though there really wasn't any damage from either incident, I knew how much this made me look like an idiot. When I returned, I told Derek what happened. As you can suspect, the teasing has been non stop ever since.

Ok. End of Story. More updates coming soon!