The rest of the move & a few bonuses.

Bunker move 2-7

We would like to make an official statement: Although we find the  "tiny house movement" cool and does technically apply to Bunker, we are doing this out of necessity. The [plan] is to be living in a normal size house with normal rooms in the near future. 

3 things I have learned in the past 3 weeks:

1. I have a greater fear of crickets that I do spiders- Mainly, crickets jump and I have no idea where they are jumping too. Although the beautiful wolf spiders that call Bunker home are quite large, at least they RUN away from me

2. I have never slept as good as I have in Bunker. Pitch black, silent (except for the crickets), and no drunk people screaming the words of Journey at 11pm at night. Life is good.

3. Never ever underestimate the power of a handy husband.


Now, onto the rest of the move:

Mom and Uncle Kevin helping unload boxes

Bunker move 2-8

We happened to be graced with the presence of the cutest moving helper. That being Courtney of course.

bunker move 16

We got to work a bit more on our cabinets and got the kitchen sink placed

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We so appreciate all the helpers we had. Since Caleb and Courtney were moving out of the apartment as well, we were able to take advantage of all the extra hands!

Bunker move 2-10


The cricket struggle is real folks Bunker move 2-18Bunker move 2-12

We now updated from homemade traps (see above) to sticky traps. We placed the sticky traps all over the house and just waited. One night, Derek heard a "Cricket" wrestling around with the trap trying to get out. Come to find out, we got ourselves 2 little mice as well! Best. Traps. Ever.


Our sweet neighbors brought us over a meal just 2 days after we moved in. And here is Derek installing the garbage disposal just minutes before their arrival:

Bunker move 2-11


We are finally fully unpacked. Huge shout out goes to my mom who came in just to help me unpack and put away everything.

Also, Derek found us a washer and dryer at Lowe's. (I know, not Menards!)....Who knew you could haggle with Lowe's people? To quote my husband, "I told the manager it had been sitting there for a week and had blood on it, so I would give her $500." This is the part when I said...."Ummmm you NEVER mentioned there being blood on it!" But the blood came off and it works just fine, so I think we will keep it.

Bunker move 2-14 Bunker move 2-13


And finally, our awesome bathroom faucet.

Yes. I keep my retainers in a hot pink case.

But again, lets focus on the faucet....

Bunker move 2-16