Bunker got a face lift!

Who doesn't love a good "Before and After" post?? As I was writing about Bunker's transformation, I was reminded of our old school pictures. For some reason, we are all fascinated with how goofy we looked back in in the day. Case in point:

derek 1 photo (3)

So now we get to see how goofy Bunker looked and how a little TLC goes a long way.

We started siding last week and are about 1/4 of the way done. I debated on waiting until we were completely done, but I am just too excited! I want to show you what we have been up too!


But first. We need to remind you what Bunker looked like back in April:

bunker 1


And this is what Bunker looks like now:

longshot siding 6

longshot siding 7

Yay! Although I am partial, I am absolutely in love with the colors, the siding, and the trim we chose.

Ok. So now that you see the results, I know you are about to exit out of our blog. Ouch. At least stick around and see how we did it:


Our families came in to help us over Labor Day.  We chose a synthetic cedar shake through Certainteed. Although it is not real cedar, we think it looks pretty close!


longshot siding 1         bunker 36


Why is the top not done? Good question. If you look super close, you can see a faint line a bit foot above the siding. Above the line will be our triangle windows and below will be trim.  We are still working on getting those ordered.

longshot siding 5

Longshot Siding 4


Our moms came in to help! They ended up filling this huge dumpster with scraps from Bunker and Longshot


We hope you love the new Bunker as much as we do. In fact, it feels more like a cabin now. Stay tuned for dry wall, a painted refrigerator, and hopefully no more stories about me tripping on the road.


PS. Derek started work this past week. We are officially both working the 8-5 and doing Bunker on the side. Wish us luck!

longshot siding 9