Our new roof!

Are you ready to watch a fun transformation? Fun for you. Not fun for Derek. As we were all complaining about the heat last week, please keep in mind this guy was sitting on a black roof for 3 days. Putting on a steel roof. By himself. His tan lines alone are enough to impress most.

bunker longshot 5


bunker roof 1

bunker roof 9

bunker roof 2

bunker roof 3


With being at work, I wasn't able to take any pictures of Derek putting on the roof.

We chose our black steal roof from Premium. The type is Premium Pro Snap Hidden Fastener. They came in 16 inch wide strips. One side screwed into the deck of the roof and the other side snapped into the previous panel. Within 3 days, we had a new fancy roof and lots of shingles on the ground.

bunker roof 8

bunker 46


bunker roof 15

The roof compliments our siding really well.

O the siding? Ya. You are going to have to wait for that. Hopefully we will a super fun update this next weekend!

Until then, here is a sneak peak of the trim.

bunker roof 13


And to finish off your Labor Day, here is a good laugh for you:

Some of our neighbors drove up to Bunker to introduce themselves. I walked over to the road to say hello and tripped on the curb. I then fell into the street and smacked my head. After laying there for a minute, I stood up, attempting to act like it had never happened. All while there were tears running down my face. Needless to say, I made quite the impression. And we found out the neighborhood refers to us as the kids.

Always graceful.

bunker roof 17