Rough Construction Construction is Rough

This is a milestone post. Why, you may ask? Since owning Longshot, we have been juggling a lot of other commitments. Well as of a few weeks ago, a majority of those stressful commitments are complete. *Sigh of relief*

Therefore, we have he has been able to really get down to work. After all, move in day is 6 weeks away!

We've got lots of random things to catch you up on. Here we go:

Disclosure: The person who has actually been doing all this work is still at the Bunker. So if I do not say it technically right, sorry. I am doing my best with my very limited knowledge of plumbing, water, and electricity.

1. Electricity. Although Bunker already had electricity, we needed to add more power (or something like that) in order to not blow a circuit every 10 minutes. We hired an electrician and they finished up the rough work on Friday. We are now waiting for IPL to come and run a line from Bunker to the street.

Not only did they add electricity, they also put in our can lights. There will be 2 above the kitchen sink, 2 by the stairs, and they also put in outlets for a few fun lights we are going to be adding to the loft.



See the electric lines running vertical along the wall? Our new breaker box

2. Plumbing. Apparently asking for indoor plumbing has made me a "high maintenance" wife. Thankfully, I got my plea. All you need to know if that the plumbing is basically ready to go. My dream of an indoor toilet is coming true!!

To your left (where the indent in the wall is) is where the washer and dryer will be going. The kitchen sink, washer, tub, bathroom utilities will all run into that system.

The plumbing. Derek finished this up a few days ago.

3. Secret Cubbys.  We added joist beams to help support the loft, which created an extra few inches of gap. We decided to create some "secret cubby holes" as a means to add more storage to our box with no closets.

We will have a few of these throughout the space.

4. Insulation. As Derek was describing this important step, I got a bit confused. Seeing it in action helps a ton! Basically, we need to add insulation to the outside of our home BEFORE adding the siding. We are adding enough to make it nice and cozy on the inside.

bunker 47We have now started adding the foam board around the framed area.Once the insulation has been added, we cover the site over with home wrap! After inspection, it will be ready for siding.

5.Little Electric Letter. Nothing crazy, but I did find an old electric L at a Flee Market. Although my husband gasped that I spent $12 on it, I think it will eventually make a nice touch in our little modern space. Now I just need to find some lights to put in it!


bunker 56bunker 45




In other news, we had some cute visitors check out our place. See our Facebook page for a tour of our place given by our oldest nephew.

bunker 57