End of June update

This was suppose to be moving weekend into Bunker. Instead, we gathered up our things and shuffled over to our new temporary home! Although not living on our land is disappointing, having a huge closet, bathroom, an awesome view of the city, and pool access is NOT. The past 2 weeks have been a little stressful (apparently I am not a good moving buddy- I tend to get a tad cranky). Thankfully, moving is done. Summer is upon us and I am excited to update you!

1. Our awesome friends, the Walkers, came to visit this weekend. We are so thankful to have buddies who are willing to just jump in and help at the house. The guys worked on framing out our "bedroom" window and the girls worked on the brick patio.

bunker 38

This brick patio is attached to the backdoor of Lonshot. It has been covered in weeds and sand. By the end, we successfully cleared off about half of the patio. We also had to dig up and re-do the bricks in some spot. This will be a great place to place a picnic table!

The brick patio before any work


bunker 37

bunker 42

      2. Our siding came in! We originally picked it out for Longshot but decided we could use it for Bunker as well. Our goal is to make both of the living areas match. Bunker will be a mini Longshot. We chose to use Cedar Impressions instead of real cedar due to cost and upkeep. The brand is CertainTeed.  [embed]http://www.certainteed.com/products/vinyl-siding/shake---shinglesiding/310307[/embed]

bunker 36


 3. Derek was able to install our double door last weekend. This bad boy is a game changer. Thankfully, the previous owner has framed out the area for a second door, so we didn't have to get into the concrete at all. Having a double door not only looks better but it also allows us to move things in and out much easier.

Here they are! We are planning on paint them black to match the windows and roof

 4. We got to meet our resident turtle and our resident 3 legged deer last weekend. I know I have discussed the 3 legged deer before, but I need to reiterate how cool it is. It is a deer and only has 3 legs. The front right one is missing. She also has a baby and lives right behind Lonshot. I also named her Trifecta. The turtle? Not near as cool as the deer.

bunker 41


Well. Keep on keeping on. And also pray I don't get poison ivy all over my legs. I think I may be doomed.