The Quarry's Big Reveal

"Little by little, the bird makes its nest."
- French Proverb

After months of searching, we fell in love with a modest, two bedroom, midcentury ranch. Our new home sits on an acre property snuggled among a great little neighborhood. We are close enough to the city where driving downtown each day for work doesn't seem like an exhausting task but far enough away that sirens and rap music aren't waking us up each night.

After weeks of discussion and name tosses, our friend Kailey came up with The Quarry. Limestone. Quarry. Get it?  Yup. So there it is. The Quarry. Once the name was chosen, we embarked on the journey of finding a contractor who would take on our project. We interviewed 5 different crews who toured our home, listened to our ideas, and made a pitch for our business.

In the end, we decided to go with Corinthian Fine Homes. The team has a great reputation and we appreciated how down to earth they were. Also, the designer on the project was once an occupational therapist (Derek worked with a lot of O.T during rehab) and she felt confident they could make our home accessible and beautiful. This is our dream folks. To have a house that is cozy and stylish but with every accommodation necessary for someone in a wheelchair. 

In the weeks to come, we will be meeting with Corinthian to work out every little detail of Quarrie's makeover. From floors to light fixtures, we will be making some changes that will make the house work better for our new lifestyle. So, on most evenings you will find us browsing Houzz (Pinterest for Houses), discussing fireplace mantels, and me explaining to Derek by obsession with white paint.

Hold onto your hats friends, it's about to get technical (because Derek is sitting here explaining scissor trusses to me) and hopefully really fun. 

Ps. If you thought that picture up top was a photo, it isn't. It's a video, homemade by us! 

With Love,

The Lavenders