How To Live Like a Local

Well, you are hearing it first. This blog is sponsored by these guys.  Can you believe it? We got a  sponsor! Anyway...onto the interesting stuff:

So, I don't think it is much of a secret that we live and play in Indianapolis. We moved here for school and stayed for work.  We know a lot of you live near by, so when asked us to highlight what a local loves to do around Indy, we figured we would jump at the opportunity to have a sponsored blog (I know. I'm probably way too excited about this) and fill you in on what we do for fun around here! 

Fat Dan'sWarning: This place literally doesn't have a vegetable on the menu (unless you consider the lettuce and tomato on your burger). But boy, it is a fun little place to stop, sit out on the patio, and get yourself some Dirty Tots. You heard me right. Dirty Tots. Tater tots smothered in pulled pork, cheese, and hot sauce. 



Cerulean- O ya. It is that gourmet, tasty, beautiful restaurant just smack between the Colt's and Pacers's stadium. It also happens to be family owned and if you are in Indianapolis celebrating some type of anything, check the out. And whatever you do, don't skip over the dessert menu. 


Indiana Pacers Bike Share- Indianapolis has a great little bike program where you can rent these beautiful guys and hit the town. As you can imagine, this is a much quicker mode of transportation, doesn't require you to parallel park, and costs less than your Starbucks latte. Ps. Please do my heart a favor and try out the MANY local coffee shops and skip Starbucks. Seriously, we have some good ones (Coat Check Coffee, Pearings, Kaffeine, Hubbards, etc)


Massachusetts Avenue- You really can't go wrong with wandering down this street which is right downtown. Lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and a random parrot in a cage outside of the shoe store. Seriously. It whistles at people as they walk by...what more could you want out of your Indianapolis trip?

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With Love,

The Lavenders