Demo Days 1 & 2

As a couple, we have a small predicament when it comes to Longshot. We are both swamped during the week, so the weekends are the only chance we get to work on her. Hence why this project may seem to move a little slow... but to us, we are practically flying along! Demo Day 1. February 15th- Derek

I was out of town for work when Derek sent me a string of pictures from Longshot. I have to be honest. He is a MACHINE. He did major demo on the home in one afternoon. I have included a few before and after photos. Week 1 of Demo is located in what will be our family room & kitchen. Check it out!

Beautiful bathroom & kitchen GONE!

Kitchen before and after

End of Demo Day

Demo Day 2- February 22nd

Derek, LeAnne, Mom Bundenthal, Dad Bundenthal, Little brother Bundenthal

Our second big demo day happened this past Saturday. We bribed my family with dinner and a night in our small apartment in exchange for a day of hard manual labor. For some reason, they took the bait. Thankfully, the dumpster we rented was delivered on time and the weather was awesome! A few goals we completed:

  • Take all demo junk to the dumpster which was located at the top of a small mountain.
  • Tear down the wall between the 2 current bedroom which will be the Master bedroom/ bathroom
  • Pull up flooring in Master Bedroom
  • Start taking up tile in Main Room
  • Partially knock down wall between Main Room and Office Room
  • Clean up after ourselves

No major injuries. One smashed thumb. One ear hit with dry wall. 2 dead mice. A broken toe...which was already broken before the demo day started..

Top stories from the day?

  1. Surprisingly, my mom is a beast. At the end of the day, she was GIDDY over getting to scrape up tiles in the main room. "O Yay! This is so much fun!!"
  2. We completely filled a 20 ft dumpster in 3 hours
  3. We ate at McDonald's because mom said they have Buy 1 Get 1 for .25 on Big Macs. She was wrong
  4. Mom yelled "Derek you are a murderer!!" from a room. We came rushing to see what she was talking about. 2 little fresh mice died at the hands of a sledge hammer and dry wall

Our pile BEFORE the day started. No. We did not keep the toilet

Our pile BEFORE the day started. No. We did not keep the toilet

Master Bedoroom/ Bath BEFORE. Also. The home of our 2 RIP mice

Master Bedroom/ Bathroom after

photo (63)

How many men does it take to carry a counter top?

Our small little hill. Dumpster is at the top.

To the left, you will see a hole in the wall. This will be a door for the new office.

At the end of the day!

Next up? Taking down the ceiling.