A video tour of Bunker

Everyone loves pictures but videos are even better!

-----Here is a short tour of the place on move in day-----

Tour of Bunker

Just to refresh your memory, this is what Bunker looked like 6 months ago:

bunker 1 bunker 2 bunker 3 bunker 4 bunker 19 IMAG0190

 We are still working on unpacking, killing as many crickets as possible, and loving our place. Just in case you were wondering

Foam, Foam, and more Foam.

bunker siding 9 We have been quite busy at Bunker the last few weeks. Now is the time that being a faithful follower of our journey is going to pay off...you get to see the fun stuff!

Side note- Derek refuses to shave until he starts work next week. Enjoy the beard while it lasts.

Today. Insulation.

Later this week. *hopefully* Roof

Early next week. *hopefully* Unveiling of the freshly sided Bunker


But for now, lets stick with Insulation and a sweet little contraption Derek has made.

Bunker is a solid, cement block structure. Therefore, in order to stay warm in the winter and keep the Sally's out (we call all spiders "Sally" in order to help tame my fear), we needed to seal her up. Derek measured and framed out the structure in order to apply the insulation.

Here are the steps for Fun Insulation:

- Frame out the building

bunker 47

-Measure the frame and then cut foam insulation to fit inside the frame. We doubled up on insulation (she is quite cozy), so there are usually 4 foam pieces per framed in area

bunker siding 12       bunker siding 1

- Cover foam with measured plywood

bunker siding 13

- Screw plywood into the cement block

- Avoiding smashing lizards behind the insulation

bunker siding 5


- Cover with House Wrap

bunker siding 7

Ta- da! This process took us about 3 days. Lots of foam, squished Sally's, lifting, squatting, gluing and wrapping, we are finally done! The siding will now just tack onto the house wrap!                    yes. We realize we put the house wrap upside down  :)


Second fun thing:

We want to rid ourselves of those low hanging beams. Unfortunately, they are important in holding up our roof. Therefore, Derek created a wire type gadget that bears the weight of the roof without the bulk of the beams. AND it looks cool. There will be 3 total at the front of the living area. Derek made these Sunday morning. Since it was early, we attempted to not wake our neighbors and opted to create them inside!

bunker siding 4 bunker siding 3 bunker siding 2


Last fun thing:

We put a new window in!! The other 3 should be going in this week.

bunker siding 8 bunker siding 6

PS. Derek let me work with cement. I am starting to dress like him. He drilled a hole for our new spigot!

bunker siding 15bunker siding 14  bunker siding 16