The longest update in the history of updates- Drywall

 With our move in date 13 days away, the pressure is mounting. Actually. As I was driving yesterday, I realized we have ZERO backup plan. Plan B's are for wimps right?!

BUT in the past 7 days, we have accomplished quite a lot. We got the place insulated, hung the drywall, painted a fridge, headed to Ikea and even found time to pick out & purchase all our paint!

Here we go:

1. My parents came in for a day to help us out. The deal? They came to help us and we would go to a car show with them. I think we got the MUCH better end of the deal. While the boys were busy hanging the first of the drywall, Derek convinced mom and I to paint our fridge.

More about that later.

Bunker NOW looks like a house. You can start to see the outline of the kitchen, bathroom, and our ceiling.

 Bunker Drywall 3Bunker Drywall 6

Bunker Drywall 7

Bunker Drywall 11

2. As I said earlier, Derek convinced me to paint our fridge. A color. Here is how the conversation went down in the car.

D: What are you ladies going to do this morning? L: We are going to paint the fridge since it has some rust spots. D: Cool. You should paint it a color. L. Yes. White. Just a touch up. D: No. Like a cool color. L: Are you crazy? I am not drawing attention to that stinky refrigerator. Never ever am I doing that. D: Im serious. I think we should do a color. L: (pulls up Pinterest on phone)...O....Ya ok. I can now see it. L: You are right Derek.

And that is how it went. We then practiced how I would tell mom that we are painting it a color. Her reaction at Dunken Donuts was just about spot on as Derek's impersonation. After showing lots of pictures and driving around town trying to find a paint color, I think we convinced her it was cool.  Well. It is now actually all painted and I really love it. I forgot to take a FINISH picture (sorry) but will update you later this week.

Steps: 1. Pick out an Epoxi Paint color you like. (We went with a bluish gray) 2. Sand it down lightly 3. Clean it off well 4. Tape off the handles 5. 2 coats TA DA.

Bunker Drywall 2

Bunker Drywall 20

3. We hired a foam guy to come out and insulate for us. Derek has been talking about spray foam for about a year. I do not kid. Bunker is now Sally Spider proof, warm, and basically feels like you are in a cocoon. Considering Spray Foam? It is awesome. Costs a little bit more but all the research shows it helps drastically with heating. The R value is 3.7 per inch. We chose the LD-C 50 foam. Thanks Thad!

Bunker Drywall 10

4. Who has an awesome brother in law? We do. Caleb also came out to help us finish up the drywall! The guys spend a whole Saturday getting it almost done.    We rented a lift from Menards for under $20. It was a huge help. While the boys worked, Mom and I played with the nephews. I have never thrown a tennis ball against a piece of plywood so many times.

Bunker Drywall 12 Bunker Drywall 13

Bunker Drywall 14

Bunker Drywall 16

Bunker Drywall 17

5. We went to Ikea. And it was stressful. First of all, why are there SO MANY KIDS there? It is like a 10 yr old girls dream land. Play house. Run around. Scream. I will have nightmares.

Anyway. We got down to the warehouse and were feeling good about our pre-made shopping list online. We then started searching for the pieces and couldn't find ANYTHING. We discovered we were suppose to order everything up in Kitchens first and then they get it ready for us. Back up to kitchens we went.

Also, am I the only one who gets frustrated with the ZERO exit route in Ikea...lets hope there is never a fire in that building..good grief! We got our kitchen all ordered and picked out our wardrobes.

  Bunker Drywall 15

We somehow got it all into our car. And it is still there. I am a danger on the highway.


Next up? Drywallers are doing the finish work for us this week. We will start painting on Saturday!!