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Getting Your Before Back

This post is a little different. In fact, I've never really talked about this topic aside from an occasional conversation with a close friend.
But enough is enough. 


1 Corinthians 10:31 

31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.


I remember catching myself always saying "before the accident" or "after paralysis". You've been there, right? Something happens in your life which causes your "life timeline" to split it in half. There is life before, the incident, and then life after. 

One of those "before the accident" moments is my health, not Derek's. Before the accident, my reasons for being "fit" were simple. I wanted to fit into the jean shorts I bought two summers ago and I enjoyed being outside, so running seemed like a nice way to accomplish two things at once. 

Over the past year, I've learned that I like to be needed. In fact, Derek jokes that I put things places he can't reach just so he has to ask me to get them down (specifically the cookies and chocolate). He has done a great job of pushing me to get out of the house, go do things, and to not to worry about him. I'm realizing that this desire to be needed and constantly available has turned into me putting off something that is now really important to us, my health. 

Since the accident, I've become very aware of how physically weak I am. I had an ah-ha moment two weeks ago when I realized that I am going to be lifting a wheelchair and lugging around heavy things for the rest of my life. So. Enough is enough. My excuses for making it almost 2 years without a solid workout routine has run out and I am determined to be strong for Derek

I've been given an incredible gift and opportunity through our friend Tammy who runs B Present studio here in Indy & Granger, IN. This adorable fitness center focuses on women's wellness while providing a really comfortable atmosphere.  In an attempt to stay strong for our little family, I've joined B Present for 3 months as a trial run.

Brutally honest, I am that person who is easily excited  about a new challenge and then quickly fizzles out after a few weeks. The first step is acceptance, right?

I've been convicted of my lackluster attitude and have fallen into an unhealthy habit of making excuses for not being active. So, what better way to avoide excuses than to tell basically everyone we know. 

While I am sweating through these fitness classes, I really want to encourage our readers out there to take ownership of their health. Yes, do it for yourself but also do it for those who love you.

Wanna join my 3-month commitment to stopping the excuses? Comment below if you're with me!  We can do this.

With Love,