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A Gift Guide from My Husband to Yours


Derek doesn’t want other men to continue to get sweaters and socks each year, so he threw together a list to help end the epidemic.

I will say, we own all of these products, so it is truly a “tested and approved” guide.

AMazon Tire Pump.jpg

Portable Air Pump

We use this baby all. the. time. Charge it up, set it to what pressure you want, press the button, and ta-da.


Echo Spot

This cute little guy sits on our nightstand and has numerous capabilities such as reading the news, telling time, playing music, and has our favorite game, “Song Quiz”.

Hue Bulbs.jpg

Hue Lights

These personal lights sync with your Alexa or Google Home and are voice activated. We say, “Alexa trigger good morning” and she pops on the kitchen and bedroom lights, sets the thermostat for the day, and then plays us some soft music. It’s awesome.

Back Massager.jpg

Heat Kneading


Let’s be honest, I am terrible at back massages and his shoulders are sore a lot. This device has become a favorite of Derek’s and also all our visiting friends.

Yeti Rambler.jpg

Yeti Rambler

For bottles or cans, this koozie keeps drinks cold. For Derek, it’s nice for him to not have a wet drink between his legs when he is wheeling around!

Ring Doorbell.jpg

Ring Doorbell

Great for anyone who wants to feel safer. Your Ring doorbell will start recording as soon as someone approaches and can be monitored on your phone.



Both a smoker and a grill, we love our Traeger and think any griller in your family will too.

image (1).jpg

Deus Mailbox

Does your husband love to get the mail as much as mine? Upgrade that mailbox to something with a little more character.
Derek, “This is the coolest aesthetic thing we’ve gotten for the house so far.”


Custom MudLOVE Mug

Create a mug just for your man. It can say something sweet or something ridiculous, the choice is yours.


Ventura Headlamp

This is really nice for Derek because he easily can’t hold a flash light and push his chair. BUT it is also nice for any man who wants his hands free while tinkering around the house!

Headlamp Boy.jpeg

Action Figure Headlamp

Have a child that loves to mimic their dad? They make adorable super hero headlamps!