Our Journey to Healing Day 23


Genesis 50:20

20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Throughout the last few weeks, we have had a lot of friends and family reach out to us in order to show their love and support. I have been blown away with amount of people who CARE about Derek and I and truly want to help.We love and appreciate you all! This afternoon, Derek and I got to spend some time just opening letters & care packages. We are blown away by the support we feel from all over the country.

Along with the support, many people have mentioned that I don't need to be scared to open up or share my true feelings about this accident. So along those lines, I wanted you all to get a little peak into how we have both been coping since June 15th @ 6:25am.

The truth is, the first week I felt fairly strong. I was here to support Derek, be his advocate when he couldn't be one for himself, and focus on helping him have the best recovery possible. My blogs have been a great way for me to get in a few facts and feelings on paper before I forgot what that stretch of time felt like.

This past week has been incredibly difficult. Realities are starting to sink in and my heart feels like a little plastic bobber stuck in a hurricane. It really all started this past weekend with the idea of moving to the rehab location and leaving our little house behind. Our house has been a source of so much joy, hard work, and love for the past few years. Unfortunately, the layout of Bunker will not allow us to live there any longer. We were able to rent it out to a wonderful couple that we know will cherish it, but it still makes me sad. Packing up our belongings and stuffing it all in the back of my car did not help me keep the tears at bay. I know. Silly right? In sad situations, there just seems to be something that triggers pain, and Bunker is the pain trigger for me. It is just a house and I feel confident we will make memories in whatever house God provides for us in the future.

Emotionally, Derek has been coping well. We are learning how to work through this new hurdle as a couple and are finding joys in small things. Such as the fact that he can now cough on his own, the nurse saw noticed nerve movements in his toe (yay!!!!), and it was Shark Week last week.

Physically, he is healing! He started to actually be able to talk a few days ago and it is so nice to be able to have real conversations with him. He got his first sip of water on Tuesday and officially passed his swallow test today! He is now on a liquid diet but will still keep his feeding tube in for at least a few more weeks. His lungs are healing up nicely but he still gets very short of breath very easily. We technically could be ready to head to rehab by tomorrow or Saturday, but everything slows down on the weekend. With that in mind, we will be heading to rehab on Monday or Tuesday.

Yesterday, they did surgery to remove the blood clot filter they placed 2 weeks ago. This filter was placed to keep blood clots away and help his lungs heal. When they removed the filter, they found a blood clot! We are very thankful that filter was placed in order to catch those guys. Since we are 3 weeks out from the injury, his chance of a clot has drastically decreased.

Our goals this weekend are to see some friends, relax, and let him drink all the Sprite he wants.

PS. Our respiratory therapist came in this morning and explained that her mother-in-law has been following our story before the accident. When the accident happened, she told our RT and her husband about the accident and they have been praying for us for weeks! They had no idea we actually lived in their state and we were at their hospital! Our RT shared us this story and then prayed with us. Man, God is so neat.

With Love,

The Lavenders