Our Journey to Healing Day 8

bunker 57

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers,     and under his wings you will find refuge;     his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

It is amazing what a good nights rest will do for your body and soul. The last 2 days have felt as though someone was taking my heart and wringing it out. I have felt grief and pain before but nothing compares to watching my man learn of his injuries for the first time. I am in tears just typing these words and am praying today for peace and wisdom. This morning feels fresh and I am hoping today goes a little better.

Let's see. Tuesday and Wednesday were the first days Derek started to come out of sedation and was a bit more with it. Yesterday as the doctors made their rounds, they were able to let him know exactly what had been broken and the implications of those injuries. We do have great doctors but some of them could work on their bedside manner a bit. I felt a bit discouraged after a doctor just blurted out to him that he would never walk again. Later, I was given the chance to explain to him that the doctor was incorrect and we were told by the spinal surgeon that he does have the chance to walk again.

I am over here balancing that fine line of being optimistic and realistic.

As far as other healing, things are going OK. We were originally told up to a week in ICU. Now it seems we will be here at least 17 days before moving to the step down unit. His lungs are really beat up and are still healing. Yesterday, they did find some fluid in his right lung. They were prepared to go in with aneedle and pull the fluid out. Once they got the ultra sound set up to find the fluid, they discovered if wasn't near as much as they thought and were able to avoid going into his lung. Derek was very relieved!

Sleeping has been rough. On Tuesday night, he literally only slept 10 minutes. Mybrother-in-law is incredible and stayed up with him reading an entire book about Kentucky Bourbon. They had a little slumber party :) Last night was much better and he is actually still snoozing as I type! We are working on getting his days and nights back on track.

The medicines seem to be making him a little loopy and his questions are getting harder and harder to guess. Two days ago they were logical requests like wiping his eyes or helping him breath better. Yesterday he asked me to call the "hospital store" to get him a wheelchair so he could leave. He also asked Caleb to buy him a wheelchair on Amazon Prime. Derek loves Amazon Prime. He is so sweet and his heart is just hurting.

Please be praying for him specifically today as he wrestles with the information and pray for me that my words will be calming and also make logical sense.

Happy Thursday.

With Love,

The Lavenders