You Can Still Plant That Dream Garden

Each spring, a majority of women in their late twenties get bit by the gardening bug.

They Pin, plan, and dream up their ideal raised beds. And then, something happens...SUMMER. All the pool parties, the bonfires, the non gardening responsibilities. Swoosh. Just like that, those little packages of seeds are thrown to the wayside for much better things...rosé with girlfriends



Well guess what? Come mid August, you get to start over! You see, now is the time to plant your fall garden, which happen to be the same thing as your spring garden! Same rules apply as they do in the spring, except maybe water your seeds a bit more if it is still pretty hot where you live. 

Hint: There are two types of veggies. Cold loving plants and heat loving plants. If you plant your cold loving seeds now, it will be chilly by the time they sprout up! 

Here are the easy fall garden plants to try:

  • Lettuce- SO EASY. If you just wanna give this gardening thing a shot, start here. Grab a little bag of lettuce seeds (pretty much any type will do) and start to sprinkling. You can even just put them right into your flower bed! 
  • Spinach- Same concept as lettuce. Actually, is spinach a type of lettuce? Either way. Easy peasy.
  • Peas- Speaking of easy peasy, peas. Now, they do take some kind of trellis system but if you have a fence, these are perfect! I love to grow snow peas and freeze them for winter. For an easy trellis, just grab two-three tall sticks, wrap fishing wire around them, TA-DA.
  • Carrots- Pop these seeds in the ground near your lettuce. They will be ready to pull up in October. Perfect timing for all those stews you are about to make. You can also freeze carrots to save for a later use.
  • Radishes- These are a favorite of mine. They don't take long to grow and are so pretty. They also go well mixed in with the lettuce patch.

 If you are feeling crazy, plant a row of any of the above vegetables one week and then come back on Labor Day and plant another row. This will help your harvest last a little longer! 

One fun thing you can plant over the winter? GARLIC...but that is another blog for another time.


So, send your kids off to school, get those extra vegetable seeds out, and get to making your dreams come true. And of course, send us your pictures once you get your little garden patch going! Do you have a specific veggie you are hoping to grow?

You've totally got this!

With Love,

The Lavenders

Ps. These photos are from Bunker's produce selection last summer. They were taken by our lovely friend, Kaitlyn Vosler, who cared for the crazy garden I planted just weeks before the accident.