How to Make Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow

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Want your houseplants to grow but have no idea how to make that happen?

I get it. You buy this plant that then sits on your shelf never outgrowing its container.
Here’s the deal.
They will only grow to the size of the container they are in.

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Follow these 5 simple steps once a year (either fall or spring) and watch that baby take off!

  1. Let your plant dry out (don’t water for a week)

  2. Purchase your supplies from a local gardening store
    Plastic bucket one size larger than the current one
    Fresh soil (I do potting mix and Gardner’s Thumb worm castings)

  3. Gently pull the plant out of its plastic bucket and place in a new bucket

  4. Pour fresh soil to fill in your new pot

  5. Give it a good drink by placing in a tub or sink filled with at least 5 inches of water. Let it sit overnight.

Pro Tips:

I always try to keep my houseplants in a plastic bucket and then place the bucket in a cool pot. This allows me to water it much easier by just carrying the plastic bucket to my tub or sink. Constantly pouring water on your plant can cause root rot and often leads to overwatering.

Your plants will slow their growth in the winter so don’t panic. They are just taking a long winter nap.

Only do this once a year. If you notice roots starting to grow out of the plastic bucket, that means it is ready to a larger home!

You can do this with all your houseplants! I keep my plastic buckets and use them to upgrade smaller plants.

Questions? Let me know!

Happy Growing!

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