Halloween Themed Snacking Board


I remember when I was young, I would flip out if my mom was to purchase those little plastic containers filled with crackers and cheese.

She would literally bribe us saying, “If you score XX% on that test, you can have a lunch-able.” Being homeschooled, those to-go lunches were the only things that connected me with the much cooler public school kids who got to pack their lunch each day.


Now as an adult, I’ve discovered the beauty of cracker and cheese trays for our swing by guests. It’s an easy treat to throw together, spruce up with very little effort, and ta-da, you have an adult lunch-able aimed to please even the coolest adults.

With some lunch guests visiting mid- week, I swung by my local Target and found these adorable Halloween Mini Babybel® cheeses in the ..wait for it…cheese aisle. They are 100% real cheese which made it an easy choice for my Halloween themed cheeseboard.

Ps. Check your Cartwheel app for 10% off these themed cheeses until November.


Halloween Snack Board

Do you have a favorite item you include on every cheese board? Fill me in!

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Huge thanks to Bekah for the fantastic photos!

With Love,

The Lavenders