How To Keep a Happy Houseplant

Lavender's Garden Club


When I woke up to 3" of snow on the ground, I did not feel like talking about vegetables.

It is starting to feel like spring will NEVER arrive. So, forget vegetables. Instead, let's talk about houseplants. These wonderful fellows have the potential of making your house feel like the outdoors ALL the time.

Below you will find links to our favorite houseplants (yes you can order plants online!) and also some tips we discussed in the Garden Club:

Easy Peasy Snake Plant

The Beautiful Fiddle Fig

Super Simple Pothos

Light Loving Rubber Plant

The Necessary Watering Can

Fertilize your indoor plants spring through fall. Depending on what indoor fertilizer you use, you may only have to do it once or twice. Just read the instructions!

Quick Tips:

  • Each plant needs a different amount of light. Make sure to read the tag carefully OR look up the plant online
  • If possible, water from the bottom of the pot. Just fill a sink with a few inches of water and place the pot in the sink. Let it sit for a few hours
  • During the winter, you may only need to water once or twice a month
  • Droopy leaves will USUALLY indicate your buddy needs more water
  • Rotate plant so it grows evenly 
  • When in doubt, google it

Happy house planting!

Questions? Leave them below!

With Love,