Easy Peasy Veggie Trellis


When Derek said he wanted a hot tub, I begged him to let me do a little edible landscaping instead. 


In less than an hour, I turned our small, overrun with Russian Sage space into a perfect place to grow zucchini and peas (or any climbing veggie). 

The best part? You can easily unassemble your trellis and store it for next year. 

This is how I made our Easy Peasy Garden Trellis:

What You Need

8 large zip ties
4 3ft stakes
4 6ft Wood Trellis 
4 screws
15 minutes

*Click on links to see what products I used


The Steps

  • Line up your 4 trellis pieces and match them together like a puzzle.
  • Zip tie the bottoms and tops
  • Place a stake on each corner and let it stick out from the bottom about 10"
  • Screw the stake to the trellis. I added an extra zip tie around the stake just to secure it better.
  • Next, place the trellis in the ground. Wiggle it around and get those stakes deep into the ground
  • Plant your veggies! 
trellis loving vegetables.png

Worried you are too late to plant vegetables? Don't be! In mid-August, you can start planting cool weather plants (like peas, lettuce, radishes, etc.) and you trellis will come in handy!

Let me know if you give this project a try and happy Gardening!

With Love,

The Lavenders