Best Garden Bed for Your Space

Lavender's Garden Club


Welcome to the Lavender's Garden Club

Congratulations on joining this very elite group of individuals who don't know a lot about gardening but really want to learn.

We are so glad you are here! 

Here is a snippet of things we discussed last night with links:

Tomatoes Love Carrots Book- Certain veggies like to be planted next to each other. Quickly learn which ones through the first garden book I ever read.

Grow Bags for Container Gardens

Grid Notebook for Garden Plotting

Types of Garden Beds

Cliche' Garden- This is your typical dirt-in-the-ground type of bed. Fairly easy to maintain and easy to get going. Just rent a tiller from your local hardware store and consider purchasing a little fence. The may not be as cute (or trendy) as a raised bed, but it gets the job done.

Raised Bed- Beautiful and easy to work with, these guys take some time to set up but are there for the long haul. Make sure you love gardening before jumping straight into a raised bed. Or just do 1 bed and add from there. They help keep weeds at bay and also can save your back a bit since you don't have to bed down as low to work on them.

Edible Landscaping- Since you already have flower beds, just mix your veggies in there. Strawberries, carrots, herbs, radishes, bush beans, etc. A lot of vegetables do really well when mixed with flowers (grab the book listed above- Tomatoes Love Carrots) 

Container Gardens- Simple and fun, start with a container garden if you are nervous about this whole venture. Any container will do but Grow Bags are great because the water won't pool at the bottom (and therefore cause root rot). They are also easy to store for the next year!



For next weeks Garden Club meeting (Wednesday, February 28th @7:30PM EST. Instagram LIVE), come prepared with what type of BED works best for you. We will be discussing all things SEEDS.

Also, my favorite notebook for gardening HERE has grid lines which are important when you are plotting out your seeds. If you don't have one already, grab a grid notebook. 

Any questions, comments, or thoughts? Leave them below for all your Garden Club Members to read!

With Love,