4 Simple Ways to be the Hostess with the Mostest


A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

It's not much of a secret that we love hosting get togethers. Always have and hopefully always will.

Here are some simple tips to host a successful evening with friends. 

Pick a Theme:


This may sound stressful but a theme actually helps make the food choices, decorations, and game decisions way easier!

And remember, you don't need a fancy reason to throw a party. The more random, the more available your friends will be! 

Some Themes We've Tried:
     Love & Sushi (sushi making party on Valentines Day)
     Bunker's Annual Memorial Day Campout (all things patriotic)
     Fall Party (just sweet and simple fall things)
     Murder Mystery Party (wine tasting)



Always Have a Game:

I'm super serious about this one. 

We know not everyone loves games or feels comfortable planning them, but we're telling you to do it anyway.

Games that go with your theme really help your friends get to know each other better, adds laughters, and breaks up the awkward small talk that usually happens at gatherings.


Grab Those Prizes:


Keep your friends engaged and competitive. The prizes can be something that gives a nod to your theme. 

For the wine tasting party, the prize was a cheeseboard.  Sushi party? Some Japanese knives. 

Keep it simple and fun. 







And of course, Food:

Don't over think this step and use your theme as a guide.

We've found it is always fun to do some type of "Bar". Nacho bar, chili bar, pizza bar, etc. This allows your guests to create their own meal and puts less stress on you for timing. 


And if guests offer to bring something, take them up on it!




Do you have any party throwing advice?

Have fun and let us know if you try any of these tricks! 


With Love,

The Lavenders